What’s Hippy-Happening with the shippy shapping?

So with SS3 underway let’s talk bro’s.

As for project progress here is what we have.

Succubus vs Seraphim (Rename imminent) 20/50 pages done

Zombimbo Apocalypse 13/16 done

Some odd commissions here and there but that’s all for payed works.

Anyway about Shapeshifter part 3 let’s run some of FAQ’s here, and try to answer as much as I can.

When will it update?

Currently got some various odds and ends to address so don’t expect an abundance of updates at this current time. Hopefully next week will get better and I can try and give you 5 page updates maybe three or four times a week. I can’t assure anything at the moment what with my workplace having an important event next week and all. But hey see what I can do.

How long will it be?

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how long it is going to be. What with how long each scene/panel will last and how much I’ll put in it. But it is going to be the longest one yet.

I could still be doing this up into February time.

Is DD going to be in this?

Nope. This last act is just going to wrap up the story with Faye so it’s just gonna focus on her for now.


Don’t worry there is another comic being made about DD which is acting as a SS prequel. Hopefully might have that out soon.

WHO IS MC?!?!?



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