Commissions and progress

Hello, Lemon again.

Just to give an update on everything here.

Currently the sequences are as so:

*Seraphim comic: 15/50 done

*Bimbo Apocalypse: 8/1x done  (Maybe it will be between 13-16 pages, dunno.)

*Fran x Fillia: 5/7 done

and another project which hasn’t budged in progress… :/

OTHER THAN THAT! I’m progressing pretty nicely at the moment. Maybe I’ll finish these one day…

It’s probably because of Shape shifter being a very popular series. Of which we’re about 66% done with that part of the story

Single commissions are up for the taking as well! So if you’re interested or maybe you were and I must have missed it (sorry!) please send an email with all the details to

Since I need some extra dosh to make even this month, this would be much appreciated.


13 thoughts on “Commissions and progress

      • Saaammmmmme :( I would never, ever ever ever, for ANY REASON, give a girl like that up. I am really… disappointed in the end so far. I really hope it ends well…

        • Agreed. I’d just meet Faye. It’s just not fare after all that show she kept running in public. I obviously would be nervous and all but still I’d meet Faye.

          I sincerely at first, when I started reading your work, didn’t give it high expectations, but conforming I continued reading I drown into the plot and when I realised I was at the end of the comic already.
          It is a very nice work you have here. Best wishes.

  1. Weeell, is this a freaking cliffhanger?
    Are we gonna see another episode? Is there more to come in Part2? What about the MC-appearance? And will there be a chance to meet Faye’s sister?
    Oh my god, so many open questions… I think i got addicted.
    Really great artwook and plotwriting. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ending of part two, how sad indeed. Looking forward to part 3! Like the rest of us i suppose. When Faye cried, i almost joined up with her, she really broke the audiences heart there.

  3. LOVE the Shape Shifting series! Some of its concepts and emotional parts really hit home for me so I was getting tons of feels at certain parts. (nope never met a shapeshifter lol)

    Keep up the good work! =)

  4. The ending of part 2..
    I don’t know how to move on anymore.
    It’s like I want to stuff her spaghetti back in her pockets but know it wouldn’t help anyway. I’ve never felt this useless before

  5. Hello!! I just started reading your comics today. I love the Shapeshifter one in particular. I was curious if you could tell me about how often you update? I’ve looked at all of the Shapeshifter pics you have out at this point.

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