Hello All

I’m still working my way around this, but here is my Blog!

Here you can find the up to the moment news on my works, schedule and other shit pertaining to me. This blog will be used as a shorthand for keeping track of whats going so I dont have to personally brief anybody.

Ok as of 5th of July the following is happening.

*Shapeshifter Part 2 in progress, it’s being updated on FA and E-hentai at the moment. When the series is finished it will all be uploaded here.
*Cow girl series, Low priority but may sporadically be updated and then uploaded.


*50 page full color comic in the works about a Succubus and a Seraphim showdown. (7/50 done)
*13 page full color comic about zombie bimbo’s for overlord Bob’s site (4/13 done)
*25 part sequence being done for the site’s host shen. (3/25 done)
*And a couple of singular commissions awaiting completion.
With that said sequences are currently off the menu for commissions. Might open them up in the future but will be at a revised pricing.

And that about covers whats going on at the moment. If you ever want to see me at work, i’ll occasionally be streaming at http://www.livestream.com/lemonstream so swing by for drawing, music and shenanigans.

Thanks for stopping by!